Preferential procurement is vital, yet presents
an ongoing challenge for most:

Management and visibility of vendor

Time consuming and not automated

Analysis, tracking and reporting of
procurement spend

PREFERENTIAL PROCUREMENT is an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It allows users to create and update vendor B-BBEE related data at point of purchase or as you may require which combined with seamlessly integrated B-BBEE Preferential Procurement statutory requirements & Reporting tools enables you to monitor scores & progress made throughout the measurement period. Analysis of your Preferential Procurement needs are based specifically on your requirements and is customisable allowing you to understand the gaps that may exist & spend strategically to maximize your Preferential Procurement recognition.

Core Benefits

Key Features:

  • Single view of historical vendor scorecards
    • view all vendor scorecards in a single form with ability to attach and view the actual certificates
  • Single or multicompany reporting
    • view and print spend analysis for a single company or multiple companies from one workspace
  • Spend dashboards
    • view spend by level as well as target vs actual
  • Data available after invoice/credit note capture
    • reports are updated real time as soon as vendor invoices or credit notes are posted
  • View expiring vendor scorecards
    • default view of all expiring scorecards within next 3 months
  • Date driven setup tables
    • Status and Target setups are date driven ensuring spend is allocated to the correct measurement period

Best Practices:

  • Cloud

    Maximum flexibility through access from anywhere, any device, at any time

  • Friendly & intuitive

    Easy functionality with modern user interface

  • Cost effective

    Capex-friendly pay as you go pricing plan, minimum implementation time and no expensive customisation required

  • Secure

    All data is encrypted and stored on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud

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